Top Ten Toys for 12-18 Month Olds…

This is my final instalment of toy recommendations and this time I am focusing on 12-18 month olds.  There are a couple of toys in the list that we do not even own ourselves yet but which have come highly recommended to me by other mums with older children.

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Walker-to-Wagon

Fisher Price walker

I bought this Fisher Price Walker-to-Wagon as part of Sebastian’s Christmas present and I am really pleased with my choice.  This is definitely one of the cheaper walkers on the market but I was not convinced that I wanted a heavy wooden walker, and I also wasn’t sure how much Seb was actually going to use it.  As it turns out, Seb is loving cruising up and down the hallway on his walker and it is really helping to build his confidence.  I also like the fact that it converts into a wagon that can be loaded up and pulled along when Sebastian is a bit older.

Mega Bloks Play N Go Table

Mega Blocks table

This is one of the toys that we are yet to own but I have it on good authority that Mega Bloks are a big hit with toddlers.  The Mega Bloks Play N Go Table looks great as there is storage for the Mega Bloks inside the table and it can be folded up into a portable case to take on play dates.  The blocks are nice and big so as not to create a choking hazard, and it is a great introduction to building for young children.

Cow Geo Shape Sorter

Cow Shape Sorter

I just could not resist this gorgeous wooden Cow Geo Shape Sorter.  This educational toy is designed to teach children about colours, shapes and patterns in a fun way.  Sebastian is still a way off from being able to push the shapes through the correct holes but he gives it a good try!

Outdoor Water and Sand Activity Play Table

water and sand table

I managed to find this Water & Sand Play Table online fairly cheaply and we have it out on our balcony.  We have only used it with water as I figured I would wait until we have a garden before filling it with sand.  The table comes with 16 accessories, including toy train, rake, watering can and boats.  Sebastian really enjoys playing at his table and splashing water everywhere!

Playmobil 1-2-3 Truck with Garage

Playmobil truck

The Playmobil 1-2-3 collection has been designed specifically for small children and this Truck & Garage Set is perfect for any little boy.  Sebastian loves loading and emptying the truck’s cargo!

Play Tunnel

play tunnel

I bought this Play Tunnel for Sebastian’s 1st Birthday Party and it has proved to be a big hit with my little boy!  The great thing is that it collapses for easy storage and it was a complete bargain at $13.

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Chatter Telephone

Chatter Phone

This another great toy from the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics range.  I just had to get Seb a Chatter Telephone as I remember having one when I was a little girl and it is just a complete classic!

See Me Sensory Ball


This is another toy that we have not bought yet but I just know that Seb will go crazy for it.  He loves pushing around a small football and we often roll a ball back and forth to one another.  This Sensory Ball is great for enhancing fine and gross motor skills, and it also encourages interaction and socialisation with others.

Usborne Noisy Board Books

Noisy book

I bought Sebastian his first Noisy Board Book recently which features a sound panel full of farm animal noises.  Seb is still working out how to press the buttons in the right spot to activate the sounds but he loves listening to all of the different animals and the tractor.

Ride On Wheely Bug Bumble Bee

Bee Wheely Bug

I plan on getting one of these Ride On Wheely Bug toys once Seb is a bit more sturdy on his feet.  For a start, it looks completely adorable, but more importantly the child does not get stuck against obstacles as the wheels turn in all directions.  It is great for developing gross motor skills and burning some energy!

I hope my series of toy recommendations has been useful and I will continue on my steep learning curve as Sebastian progresses to the next age category.  I certainly have a lot to learn about boys’ toys over the next few years!

One thought on “Top Ten Toys for 12-18 Month Olds…

  1. sebastian will love the mega bloks,my grandson loves them and we also got some for a young cousin for christmas who also loves them ,boys toys are really fun as i am sure you will soon find out.good luck wiith the new baby too,any ideas on names yet

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