5 A Day Books Week 1…

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I discovered this wonderful idea on The Imagination Tree – it essentially ready the same 5 books to your baby every day for an entire week.  You then pick another 5 books for the next week, and so it continues!

Here are our book choices for Week 1…

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle)


This book was a gift from Seb’s Nanny and is the inspiration for his upcoming first birthday party.  It has lovely, bright illustrations and Seb loves putting his fingers through the holes in the food!  The big reveal of the beautiful butterfly at the end of the story always puts a smile on his face too.  This book was a gift from Seb’s Nanny and is the inspiration for his upcoming first birthday party.

Each Peach Pear Plum (Janet and Allan Ahlberg)


I couldn’t resist buying this one for Seb as it is such a gorgeous book that I remember from my own childhood.  Seb seems to love the rhythmic nature of this story and the illustrations are packed full of objects to point out to him.  Seb has even started to spot the hidden fairytale characters in each scene.  I think this book is going to be a favourite in our house.

Quick Duck! (Mary Murphy)


This is a ‘Shiny Touch’ book with bold and simple illustrations that seem to really capture Seb’s attention.  I use my fingers to walk across the duck’s footprints and every page has to end with an enthusiastic ‘Quack!’.

That’s not my tiger… (Usborne touchy-feely books)


Seb absolutely adores this series of touchy-feely books and instantly knows which part of the picture to touch.  It is a simple and repetitive story with brightly coloured illustrations, guaranteed to be a hit with babies everywhere!

baby hide and seek!


This is a chunky board book that has tabs for baby to lift to reveal hidden objects.  Seb loves opening and closing each of the tabbed pages while I say ‘Peek-a-Boo!’.  The book features photos of real objects as opposed to illustrations – Seb’s favourite is the baby hiding under the blanket.

I have really enjoyed our first week of ‘5 A Day Books’ and am looking forward to reading 5 new books this week.  I probably have enough books at home to keep us going for another couple of weeks and then we will need to join our local library for fresh book supplies!

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